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P-3 Systems Alignment

Providing a systematic look at the alignment practices of Early Childhood - 3rd grade. When the early learning grades are aligned, academic and social-emotional gains are sustained throughout students' educational careers.

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Guidance: Virtual or In-Person

P-3 Systems Alignment

When the early learning programs and grades are aligned both structurally and academically, achievement gains are sustained throughout a child's educational career. 

We will work with you to assess your current system's alignment practices by analyzing the level to which eight key components of P-3 alignment have been implemented.

With our consultation, we can establish strategies for enhancing an established system or assist you in developing a plan for the future.

By investing in P-3 Systems Alignment, you are ensuring your students are on a path to social-emotional and academic excellence.

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Training:  Virtual or Face-to-Face

"I can do programming at a high school level that will impact kids for two, three, maybe four years. But, if I program effectively at age three, I've got fifteen years of impact."

— Superintendent

"This is not an initiative. This is a philosophy and a culture. It's not something you do and then move on to another initiative the next year."

— Former Superintendent

"This was going to impact us all the way through our system because of the foundational work that we could do around the needs of our youngest kids."

— Superintendent


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