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Instructional Coaching Training

"Instructional coaches partner with teachers to analyze current reality, set goals, identify and explain teaching strategies to hit the goals, and provide support until the goals are met." - Jim Knight

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Training:  Virtual or In-Person


Coaching (Series 1)

In addition to the five instructional coaching skills, you will become familiar with

  • Adult Learning Theory

  • 12 Tips for setting Instructional Coaching Goals

  • Seven Coaching Lenses and how to apply them 

  • Strategies for working with Resistant People


These achievable skills and innovative approaches will enable you to partner with teachers and administrators, becoming the coach you always dreamed of being! 

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"Implementing the instructional coaching program with our new teachers has opened doors for pedagogy-rich conversation rooted in methodology, reflection, and adjustment."

— Holdingford Instructional Coach

"All of the tasks and documents were outlined and organized so well in the handbook."

— Sartell - St. Stephen Instructional Coach

"Round Table Education Solutions' instructional coaching program has positively impacted the way we coach our teachers. Everyone walks away more reflective and focused on ways to better meet the needs of all of our students."

— Sauk Rapids - Rice Instructional Coach


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