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Trainer, Consultant, Facilitator

When we have a trusted coach who really listens, without judgment, the cognitive space offered in conversations helps us "hear" our thinking and provides clarity. Instructional coaches assist new and experienced teachers think through their practices and make positive steps forward in educating students.

Beth's educational background includes teaching licenses in K-12 Learning Disabilities and Mild to Moderate Disabilities and Grades 1-6 Elementary Education; an MS in Special Education with an emphasis on Learning Disabilities; and a Doctorate in Educational Administration and Leadership.  She has served in education as an Elementary and Special Education Teacher, University Instructor and Supervisor, P-12 Liaison, Director of Mentoring and Induction, and Student Success Coach.  Beth has also received instructional coaching professional development through Costa and Garmston's Cognitive Coaching and Elena Aguilar's Transformational Coaching and Art of Coaching.

"Whether new to instructional coaching or looking for a refresh, I look forward to working with you. We will have rich conversations about building relationships, trust, and equity to set the stage for high impact coaching work with educators!" - Beth


We partner with fellow educators to provide concrete, achievable skills that empower adult learners to deliver on the promise of a high-quality education, every moment, every day, for every student.


Our work is guided by a...


  •   passion for learning and growth;

  •   belief in everyone’s potential;

  •   focus on collaboration; and,

  •   respect for diversity and inclusion.


All values are built on a foundation of integrity and equity.

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Trainer, Consultant, Facilitator

When instructional coaches become discouraged and don’t feel they are making a difference, their partners often follow suit. My passion is to join forces with coaches and teachers to embed attainable coaching skills into their practice. As we sit around the Round Table, we will re-envision the coaching process and learn what it takes to change the “I’ll fix it” conversation into a teacher-centered examination of strengths and goals that will improve student learning.


Kathy's educational background includes Birth-Grade 3 and K-6 teaching licenses, an MS in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in Clinical Psychology, and a Doctorate in Education. She has also been trained in a range of Instructional Coaching approaches, which include Costa and Garmston’s Cognitive Coaching, Aguilar’s Transformational Coaching and Knight’s Impact Cycle.


"Come learn with me and develop a set of powerful instructional coaching skills to help teachers reach their full potential!" - Kathy



Trainer, Consultant, Facilitator

An effective school system that focuses on equity, alignment, reflection and positive relationships is essential for everyone working in an educational environment. When our teachers and systems are supported, our kids "win."

Megan's educational background includes Birth-Grade 3 and K-12 Reading teaching licenses, an MA in K-12 Education with an emphasis on Literacy, and a Doctorate in Educational Administration and Leadership. Throughout her years in education, Megan has served as an Early Childhood and Elementary Classroom Teacher, Instructional Coach, Early Childhood Director, and Education Instructor in Higher Ed.  She has also been trained in a variety of Instructional Coaching approaches.


"Together, we can work to grow and refine your system's instructional coaching, mentoring, and alignment approaches to best support your staff and students!" - Megan

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