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Our Services

Round Table Education Solutions offers a variety of  educational workshops, trainings, and consultation services.

Training: Virtual or Face-to-Face

Five instructional coaching skills will be introduced, examined, and practiced, so that coaching conversations become more deliberate and focused. These achievable skills will enable coaches to partner with teachers, new and experienced, to move beyond offering a “quick fix” in the classroom to examining best teaching practices. The result? Improved performance of staff and students.

Workshop: Virtual or Face-to-Face

You have your instructional coaches or mentors in place - ready to make a difference in the lives of new teachers. Now what? We offer a researched-based system of support that  collaborates with school leaders, while maintaining confidentiality.

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Guidance: Virtual or Face-to-Face

Are your early childhood and elementary school systems struggling to connect with each other? We can help! We will assist you in developing strategies and creating an action plan to align your district's early learning programs and primary grades. When these systems are aligned both structurally and academically, achievement gains can be sustained throughout children's educational careers. 

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